Purchase Plans

The order form for the plans/text will include a questionnaire, which I hope may help us understand our customers needs. Your participation with the questionnaire will be appreciated. Your answers to the questionnaire may help us assist you with your project. Your answers may help us assist others with their projects. Your answers may help us to get more SkiffAmericas out on out waterways and their builders enjoying the boats as much as we have enjoyed ours.

I have considerable pride in both the design of SkiffAmerica and the actual boat. At this point I can say I am just as proud of what I have created with the plans. If I am to be criticized, it is that I am asking too little for these plans but the reality of the market is that few people would buy them if priced at their real value. At least in the beginning, it is important to me to get other SkiffAmericas out there.

I have had many enjoyable hours watching boat #2 cruising alongside on our river and lake cruising. We enjoy seeing other SkiffAmericas on the highways and waterways of America

Paying by check? Print this PDF order form

U.S. only – $160

Outside U.S. – $170