Model of Simplicity Canoe

This was the test model for confirming the building sequence for the full sized prototype canoe and also confirming the proper dimensions.  The build of the model also tested the “folding mold” for shape of hull.

The test model completed. A miniature version of the full sized canoe.
Rigged and ready to sail. Uses Hobie sail rig and Hobie Mirage Drive. Drive doubles as lateral resistance.
Ready for propulsion from Mirage Drive and steered by lines to rudder from cockpit.


20 Goals/Design Considerations

A classic styled outboard powered, trailerable, shoal draft, easily built, plywood planing cruiser.  The 20 items listed below were all very important considerations for the SkiffAmerica 20 design to meet my own personal (Meandher) requirements. I believe these goals are important, not just to me, but to anyone desiring to build his own boat.

20 Goals/Design Considerations for SkiffAmerica 20

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Updating Website

It’s time to catch up with the changes to the internet.  When the website was created many years ago most websites were just static pages which made updating more of a chore.  Today’s scripts have made the task of keeping websites fresh a much easier task and we are going to take advantage.