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It’s time to catch up with the changes to the internet.  When the website was created many years ago most websites were just static pages which made updating more of a chore.  Today’s scripts have made the task of keeping websites fresh a much easier task and we are going to take advantage.

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I've been teaching music for the last 23 years focusing primarily on band but also teaching general music classes to grades K-12. Main hobbies are flying full size and r/c, music, and sailing. I also maintain this website for my dad.

2 thoughts on “Updating Website”

  1. Is your message board currently closed? If so, do you intend to reopen it at some point? I have a beautiful SkiffAmerica 20 that I built in 2005 and am looking for a good home for it. If you can help in any way, I would be most grateful.

  2. Sorry, the message board is for archives only and was never intended as a selling/buying forum. It is part of the old site and will not be managed to stay current.

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